Nancy Montague-Reyes

Nancy Montague-Reyes is a dedicated and compassionate Certified Social Worker, specializing in various areas of social work. She graduated from Utah Valley University in 2022, earning a master’s degree in social work. With a diverse background and a wealth of experience, Nancy is committed to helping individuals and families overcome challenges and achieve personal growth.

Nancy’s journey as an Oncology Social Worker provides her with invaluable insights into the human experience. She has discovered that cancer, although sometimes an impactful part of one’s life, shares similarities with other life-changing events. Nancy understands that the skills necessary for coping with trauma, such as resilience and emotional support, extend beyond the realm of cancer and are vital in various contexts.

In addition to her medical social work background, Nancy has honed her therapeutic skills by providing counseling to individuals and families. She adopts a Strength-based approach, empowering her clients to identify their strengths and leverage them for personal growth. Nancy is well-versed in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), utilizing these evidence-based techniques to facilitate positive change in the lives of those she serves.

Nancy’s expertise also extends to supporting under-represented adolescents, both economically and culturally. She recognizes the unique challenges they face and is passionate about guiding them towards a future filled with opportunities. Nancy’s approach is centered around goal setting, allowing her clients to take the lead in shaping their narratives and making their own choices. With an open mind and a deep respect for individual autonomy, she provides a supportive and non-judgmental space for growth.

Prior to her social work career, Nancy dedicated herself to being a stay-at-home mom for two decades. This experience has profoundly shaped her therapeutic approach, as she understands the complex dynamics of family life and the significance of unresolved grief. Nancy firmly believes that addressing and resolving unhealthy patterns rooted in grief is instrumental in achieving personal well-being and fulfillment.

With her comprehensive background, Nancy Montague-Reyes is a trusted and empathetic social worker who combines her professional expertise with her life experiences to empower individuals, families, and communities. Her dedication to facilitating positive change and her commitment to helping others make her a valuable asset to the field of social work.

Seeing clients in Lehi, Pleasant Grove and via telehealth.