Kelsey Lythgoe

Kelsey Lythgoe, a dedicated psychotherapist intern, is currently pursuing a Master’s in Social Work at Western New Mexico University, building on her Bachelor’s degree in Marriage and Family Studies. With a focus on openness and empathy, Kelsey helps individuals navigate life’s complex changes.

Specializing in attachment-based, client-centered, and cognitive-behavioral approaches, Kelsey guides clients through shifts in beliefs, purpose, and identity. Her therapeutic approach includes attachment-based therapy, client-centered therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Whether questioning faith, exploring sexual or gender identity, or re-evaluating relationships, Kelsey provides a judgment-free space to understand and process these changes.

Kelsey’s background includes supporting individuals through ideological shifts, career transitions, and relationship expansions, particularly in the realm of non-monogamous relationships and faith transitions. With a holistic perspective, Kelsey recognizes the interconnectedness of mental, emotional, and social well-being.

Beyond therapy, Kelsey finds joy in snowboarding, music, and cherishing moments with her two wonderful kids. If you’re conflicted about not fitting into prescribed molds, defining your true identity, or pursuing non-traditional connections, Kelsey offers compassionate guidance for aligning your life with your evolving truth.

Kelsey sees clients in Salt Lake City and via telehealth.