Ashly Dean

Ashly Dean (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). She graduated from the University of Utah in 2019 with a Master of Social Work degree and an interdisciplinary graduate certificate in Women’s Health. She has advanced certifications in clinical yoga therapy and trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy. She is the Education Coordinator at Sego Lily Counseling.

Ashly specializes in the management of chronic health conditions and eating disorders. She has worked with patients who have chronic pain, PCOS, fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases (including Crohn’s), cancer, long COVID, ME/CFS, juvenile arthritis, lyme disease, POTS, hypermobility syndromes, and dysautonomia. She has experience treating perfectionism, anxiety, depression, suicidality, body image dissatisfaction, PMDD, emetophobia, grief, trauma, OCD, faith crises, and substance use disorders.

Ashly’s goal is to build a therapeutic relationship that helps you find solutions, peace, understanding, and growth. In therapy, you might talk, draw, write a story, learn breathing techniques, practice having difficult conversations, learn to do things that scare you, do chair yoga, explore new ways to talk to your doctors, or new skills to help you find healthcare providers who listen. Therapy can be many things, and Ashly’s job is to make sure you feel comfortable, understood, and empowered. She believes everyone is doing the best they can with what they know. Ashly is gentle and honest; it is never her job to judge. You are the expert on your life; she’s a guide and a resource. She works with people of all ages, but mostly adults; she also enjoys working with kids and teens, especially those with chronic health issues or fear of medical procedures.

The longest relationship you’ll have is with yourself and your body; Ashly takes this seriously and helps you accept you – regardless of weight, ability, or health. Good sleep, exercise, trauma treatment, stress management, friends, sunshine, adequate healthcare, self-compassion, mindfulness, and a balanced diet are proven to improve mental and physical health. No matter where you are in life, these things can help you. If your illness requires restricting food, and this is hard for you, she can provide support and skills to help you cope; she can also refer you to a dietician if needed. 95% of people are not successful with restrictive diets. If you struggle with motivation, fear of, or ability to exercise, please know she works with many others who are in the same boat.

Ashly is agnostic. She is from southeastern Idaho and has many Mormon friends and relatives. She understands the LDS faith and works with Mormon and non-religious individuals. She uses the seven domains of health, including spirituality, to help you learn to manage your mental and physical health in a way that works for you. She is passionate about dispelling diet culture and practices an interdisciplinary, non-diet, Health at Every Size, and Intuitive Eating approach to eating disorder and health management. She understands the healthcare system and the trouble patients with chronic illness have navigating it especially in female, non-binary, BIPOC, trans, or fat bodies. She is an LGBTQ+ ally and wants you to know you’re safe in her office.

Outside of work, Ashly loves hot springs, exploring Colorado mountain towns, beaches, making art, gardening, gentle hikes, and learning. She is married, and has a blended family of four kids, two dogs, and a cat. She created to support and advocate for others struggling with chronic rare illness. Ashly has had chronic illness and pain since 2013. She was a teacher, but had to quit due to POTS. She could not find a mental health therapist who understood the identity shift chronic illness and disability created for her so she went to grad school to build an education specialized in treating mental health issues that are worsened or created by chronic health conditions. She has worked with cancer patients at a non-profit, an inpatient eating disorder hospital, and at a substance use disorder treatment clinic.
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